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Mini CAT 236B + Transmitter + Battery + Charger


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CAT 236B Compact loader

The CAT 236B model is a elctrical conversion of the Bruder plastic toy in 1/16 scale.

The entire structure of the loader is the original part of the Bruder toy in 1/16 scale. The wheels are composed by rims made of aluminum and grip tires.

The model is entirely electrical driven by geared motros.

The model is sold assembled, as you see in the pictures (READY TO RUN!).


  • Scale: 1/16
  • Weigth: 0.6Kg.
  • Transmitter as default: Turnigy 6 channels.
  • Battery: Lipo 7.4V.
  • Battery charger.
  • Dimensions:


  • Operating voltage: 7.4V.
  • 6 x geared motors: 1 for each wheel, 1 for arm, 1 for bucket.
  • 4 x brushed ESC: 1 for right wheels motor, 1 for left wheels motor, 1 for arm motor, 1 for bucket motor.
  • Connectors for the battery.

LIGHTS option includes:

  • 2 x front lights.
  • 2 x rear lights.
  • 1 x orange rotating light.
  • 1 x lights module.
  • Installation.

SOUND option includes:

  • 1 x speaker.
  • 1 x sound module.
  • Installation.

IMPORTANT: The correct operation of the models purchased without transmitter are customer's responsibilitye, since a bad setup of the transmitter can damage the model.