Mercedes Arocs 8x8 (SD) Truck

Manufacturing time15-25 days


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+100€, tax. incl.
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+150€, tax. incl.

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+26€, tax. incl.

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+50€, tax. incl.

+100€, tax. incl.
+100€, tax. incl.

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+180€, tax. incl.

For sound, the SERVONAUT SM3 module is used.

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+200€, tax. incl.

components list

Base product Mercedes Arocs 8x8 (SD) Truck €1,190.07
Choose the station Not selected
Include battery? Not selected
Include battery charger? Not selected
Kind of Differential Not selected
Include lights? Not selected
Include sound? Not selected
Choose the color of the tipper Not selected
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This pack contains


Mercedes Arocs R560 8x8 truck

The 8x8 MERCEDES AROCS is a 1:16 scale tractor truck. The cabin is the original platic part of a Bruder toy. The rest of the components are made with CNC machined aluminum. The transmission is made by a gearbox (1 gear) with shafts and locked axles.

The truck is sold as you see in the picture, assembled and painted (READY TO RUN!).


  • Scale: 1/16
  • Operating voltage: 11.1V
  • Weight: approx. 4.5Kg
  • Dimensions: 590 x 255 x 165 mm
LIGHTS option includes (+159 €, tax. incl.):

  • Position lights (2 x front + 2 x rear).
  • Reversing lights (2 x rear).
  • Flashing lights (2 x front + 2 x rear, worked at the same time).
  • Long lights (2 x front).
  • 1 x lights module.
  • Installation.

SOUND option includes (+185 €, tax. incl.):

  • 1 x speaker.
  • 1 x sound module.
  • Installation.

Equipment NOT included:

  • Transmitter.
  • Akku (Lipo 11.1V).
  • Charger.
  • Sound and lights are not included as default (select the option above to add this features to your truck).

IMPORTANT: The correct operation of the models purchased without transmitter are customer's responsibilitye, since a bad setup of the transmitter can damage the model.

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