L574 1/16 Full metal Wheel loader KIT + Hydraulics View full size

L574 1/16 Full metal Wheel loader KIT + Hydraulics


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Handling time: 20-25 days

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Combined (+269€, tax. incl.)

L574 wheel loader

The model called L574 is based on the actual model of the brand Liebherr called with the same name. A model that was launched in 1998 and stopped being manufactured in 2005.

The model is completly designed and built by MAGOM HRC.

The machine is completely built in metal except for the cabin interior (steering wheel and seat). The wheels consist of solid brass rims and solid rubber tires. Choose between the standard bucket or the combined one, both made of aluminum. Realistic pins are included at all anchor points of hydraulic cylinders.

The ratio of materials used is approximately: Aluminum 80%, Brass 11%, Steel 1%, Plastic 3%, Rubber 5%.

The model is sold assembled as you see in the pictures. Electronics is not included in the kit.


  • Scale: 1/16
  • Weight: 8kg (ready to run).
  • Transmission: 4x4, shaft-driven with rigid axles. It is made by a Mabuchi engine, a gearbox with steel pinions, aluminum brass and rigid axles.
  • Gearing: 1-speed, 4-cascade steel pinion. Ratio 1:112.
  • Axle: Made in aluminum with ALU-BRASS conical gears.
  • Dimensions:


  • Not assembled.
  • M3 3mm hydraulic system (aditional 2mm hose if combined bucket).
  • 5 x hydraulic cylinders. Main arm (2), Steering (2) and Bucket (1) + 2 if combined bucket.
  • Special front output 3-way valve / 4-way (if combined bukcet).
  • Pump with Brushless motor. 20 Bar. Integrated tank. Integrated motor.

Equipment NOT included:

  • Electronics (ESC for motor, ESC for pump, servos for valve).
  • Painting.