CAT 320 excavator (with option parts) + Transmitter + Battery + Charger View full size

CAT 320 excavator (with option parts) + Transmitter + Battery + Charger


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Handling time: 6-20 days

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Excavator CAT 320

The CAT 320 model is a hydraulic conversion of the Bruder plastic toy in 1/16 scale.

The top body and the racks of the model are the original plastic piece of a Bruder toy. The option (metal) parts this model includes as default:

  • Metal bucket.
  • Metal main arm.
  • Metal undercarriage.

The hydraulics is made by MAGOM HRC.

The model is sold assembled, as you see in the pictures (READY TO RUN!), depending on the options selected.


  • Scale: 1/16
  • Weigth: 4Kg.
  • Default transmitter: Turnigy 9x (8 channels).


  • Hydraulic system in M3 for 3mm pipe.
  • 4 x Hydraulic bottles of 15mm diameter: Bucket (1), Middle arm (1), Main arm (2).
  • 3-way valve with front output.
  • Pump with Brushless motor. 20 Pressure bars. Integrated warehouse Integrated motor.


  • Operating voltage: 11.1V.
  • 3 x geared motors: 1 for each track, 1 for rotation.
  • 1 x Brushless ESC for pump motor.
  • 3 x Brushed ESC for tracks and rotation motors.
  • 3 x Micro servos for the hydraulic valve.
  • Connectors for the battery.
  • Battery (Lipo 11.1V, 4000 mah).
  • Battery charger.

LIGHTS option includes (+90 €, tax. incl.):
  • 2 x functional light supports for the arm.
  • 2x functional light columns for the cabin.
  • 1 x lights module.
  • Installation.

SOUND option includes (+ 260 €, tax. incl.):

  • 1 x speaker.
  • 1 x sound module.
  • Installation.

Equipment NOT included:

  • Sound and lights are not included as default (select the option above to add these features to your model).

IMPORTANT: The correct operation of the models purchased without transmitter are customer's responsibilitye, since a bad setup of the transmitter can damage the model.