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973D 1/14 Full metal Track Loader KIT + Hydraulics - VERSION 2

Manufacturing time10-26 days


Does not include painting of chains

+350€, tax. incl.

+269€, tax. incl.

+100€, tax. incl.

Hydraulic and electronic components are shipped unassembled on the frame.

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+75€, tax. incl.

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Base product 973D 1/14 Full metal Track Loader KIT + Hydraulics - VERSION 2 €1,338.83
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973D Track Loader - VERSION 2

The model called 973D - VERSION 2 is a re-design model of the old 973D based on the actual model of CATERPILLAR called with the same name.

We recommend that the new version of the model work at 7.4V.

VERSION 2 improvements:

  • Higher undercarriage: this makes the model and its performance more realistic avoiding jams with the ground.
  • New motors with a geared box: this makes the model 2 times faster than the older one.
  • 8-degree tilting tracks for a better and more realistic performance.
  • New tracks (V3) more robust.
  • Sprocket and driven wheels made of brass: this makes the model heavier than the old one.

The model is completly designed and built by MAGOM HRC.

The machine is completely built in metal except for the cabin interior (steering wheel and seat):

  • Bucket: choose between the standard V or the combined blade, both in aluminum.
  • Realistic pins are included at all anchor points of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Lead counterweight included.
  • Metal tracks included. 40 mm wide, 2-claw type (not painted as default).

The model is sold assembled as you see in the pictures. Electronics is not included.


  • Scale: 1/14
  • Weight: 8kg (ready to run).
  • Transmission: driven by motors (550 type) with geared box.
  • Dimensions:



  • Not assembled.
  • M3 3mm hydraulic system (aditional 2mm hose if combined bucket).
  • 4 x hydraulic cylinders. Arm (2) and Bucket (2) + 2 if combineed bucket.
  • 2-way valve (if strandard bucket) / 3-way (if combined bukcet).
  • Pump with Brushless motor. 20 Bar. Integrated tank. Integrated motor.


  • Additional: 2 x 10mm cylinder for 2mm hose, 2mm hose, 2 Y-connectors.
  • Replacement: standard bucket by combined bucket, 2-way valve by 3-way valve.

Equipment NOT included:

  • Electronics (ESC for pump, ESC for tracks motors, servos for valve).
  • Painting.
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(English) Manual for 973D with standard bucket

Download (1.93M)


(English) Manual for 973D with combined bucket

Download (1.98M)

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